Atlantic County Election Information for July 7 Primary

Atlantic County Election Officials have released the following important updates for the 2020 Primary Election as further detailed in Executive Orders #105 and #144 by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy:        

  • The new date for the 2020 Primary Election is Tuesday, July 7, 2020 
  • All active registered Democrats and Republicans will automatically receive a Vote-by-Mail ballot.
  • All inactive voters and voters who are NOT affiliated with a political party, will automatically receive an application for a Vote-by-Mail ballot.  Unaffiliated voters will need to declare a party on this form in order to receive the appropriate Democrat or Republican ballot in return.  
  • A reduced number of polling sites will be open on Election Day for those wishing to vote in person by Provisional Ballot and for voters with disabilities who cannot vote a paper ballot.  Information on these polling sites will be released in June and voters will be notified by mail of their respective polling site. 
  • Ballot drop boxes will be placed in at least 5 pre-determined locations in Atlantic County. These locations will be announced once received and placed.  Bearer Ballots may also be dropped off to the Board of Elections in the Historic County Courthouse at 5903 Main Street in Mays Landing.
  • Sample ballots will not be mailed to voters, but information on how to obtain or view a sample ballot will be published at and Voters can also contact election offices at the numbers contained herein. 

Additionally, the following important deadlines apply for the July 7 Primary:

  • Residents who wish to register to vote must do so by June 16.  Registration forms are available through the Atlantic County Superintendent of Elections at 5920 Main Street in Mays Landing or 1333 Atlantic Avenue, Atlantic City.  Registration forms may also be downloaded at
  • Applications for a mail-in ballot must be filled out and returned to the County Clerk by June 30 in order to receive your ballot by mail in time for the Primary Election.
  • Mail-in ballots sent by USPS must be postmarked NO LATER THAN JULY 7 and RECEIVED NO LATER THAN JULY 14 by the Board of Elections in order to be processed.
  • Voters using a Drop Box MUST DEPOSIT BALLOTS NO LATER THAN 8 pm on ELECTION DAY in order for these ballots to be processed.

Atlantic County’s election offices are preparing for the July 7th Primary and working diligently to ensure voters and election workers are best protected against the spreading or contracting of Covid-19.

“During such an unprecedented time, it’s important to get the word out and dispel any misinformation or confusion,” remarks Superintendent of Elections Maureen Bugdon. “While the method by which you vote may change, please don’t let that stop you from voting.” 

Registering to vote is the first step in the process and for those interested in voting in the July 7th Primary, Bugdon reminds, “You still have time and we urge your participation.”     

Election officials advise voters to watch for Vote-by-Mail ballots and applications in their mailboxes in the upcoming weeks. 

“All materials will feature return postage paid, as well as self-sealing envelopes in light of Covid-19.  We want it to be a simple, unintimidating process,” says County Clerk Edward McGettigan.

Once voted and either mailed, deposited or delivered, all VBM ballots are then reviewed for counting by the Atlantic County Board of Elections (Chair Lynn Caterson, Secretary John Mooney, Commissioners Mary Jo Couts and Audrey Miles).  The Board advises voters to follow the instructions provided with their ballot, placing their signature where indicated.  For those voters with disabilities who cannot vote a paper ballot, each polling site throughout the county will be equipped with an ADA-compliant, accessible voting machine per federal law.  Provisional ballots will be available for all other polling site voters.

Atlantic County Election Officials encourage voters to contact the offices shown below with any questions.

Atlantic County Superintendent of Elections at (609) 645-5882

Atlantic County Board of Elections at (609) 645-5867

Atlantic County Clerk at (609) 909-5842